Specials & Discounts

Vacation Rental With Ed

Rent a Vacation Rental Home from Sunspot Resorts and Ed gets 10% in your name. Visit www.SunspotResorts.com or call 888-628-8989. Limitations apply. Read more

Plumbob Publishing Ads for Ed's Fund

Plumbob publishes website tourism & lodging websites for geographic areas and offers paid listings of which 100% of the cost gets donated to Ed for the first full year. Limitations apply. Read more

Take Ed on a Goldener Resorts Vacation

Stay at one of the Goldener Inns, Resorts or Hotels and Ed gets 10% of your stay. Limitations apply. Read more

CSA Travel Insurance

CSA Travel Vacation Rental Protection Plan covers you and your vacation investments if and when the unexpected happens. Coverage available for Trip Cancellation and Interruption and more. Limitations apply. Read more

Ed would love Signatours High Dynamic Range Photography

Could Ed a' dreamt it? Digital photography is old hat. High Dynamic Range photos are revolutionary. 50% of photo shoots from Signatours.com goes to Ed's Professorship. Limitations apply. Read more

Hire Ed's favorite Advertising Grad so he gets the money

Ed made every student feel like his favorite. And now you can get help from one of them. MayPartners offers Advertising & Marketing savvy with $1,000 going directly to Ed. Limitations apply. Read more

Military Discounts Honor Those Who Serve

To make serving in the military just a bit easier we offer a 5% discount on rental fees on property rentals. Please be our guest Limitations apply. Read more

Seniors Sneak

All seniors 65 and over qualify for a 5% discount on many properties. A great time to go is when the crowds are gone. Most of our areas have glorious shoulder seasons. Limitations apply. Read more

Donate your goods or services to Ed's Scholarship

Help fund the Ed Bannister Professorship by donating all or part of your sale proceeds to the fund. Plus we'll promote you to everyone who supports the Murrow School at WSU. Limitations apply. Read more