A bunch of WSU grad's are bound and determined to build a financial legacy for WSU Communications/Advertising students in the name of their old pal, professor and mentor Ed Bannister. To do that we are searching for all of the students who took classes from Ed or graduated from his esteemed Advertising program.

But let's face it, time flies and has flown. So we need your help to located each and every student, and to find their address, phone and email. Can you help? Will you do it for the tweed jacket, leather elbowed genius who was Ed Bannister?

Click Below to see a PDF file of all the grad name we've found so far. If your name is on there, please write, call or email us with your contact info. And do it pronto. If you know there where abouts of any other names, send those our way too.

What's in it for you? Ed's newsletter, Ed events, Ed camaraderie and his love and adoration.

Ed Thanks You