Peggy Lee's famous song of 1969 "Is that all there is?" was constantly in Ed Bannister's thoughts. The lyrics are written from view of a person who is disillusioned with events in life that are supposedly unique experiences. Ed spent a life time proving there is more and he was out to make it happen.

After a successful career in the Advertising Agency industry, Ed decided to become a professor at Washington State University at what is now the Edward R. Murrow College of Communications. His reputation is now part of history. Ed and WSU were never the same again.

This website is dedicated to Ed of course. But it is really intended simply to replicate his message. That intellect, persistence, diligence and friendship can pay off. In ways that those who sit and watch, that those who don't get up and dance, will never understand. Too bad for them.

And now you can help build the Ed Professorship:

Help Ed Find All His Friends

To get things off to a flying start Ed wants to find the current addres, phone and email of every one of his students and Friends. He needs you to register on this site, or phone, mail or email him. And then to send him the contact info for any other students you may know of.